Our Story

Fantasy? We bring it to reality!

Captain SH. Midas log...
"...It was cold bloody morning...  Pulled the blanket over mi back, to keep the wormth. Tied the knot on waste, leaving with effort steamy bed behind...Pass the mirror...Mirror...I saw something there..."
Morning like that was a birthplace of an idea that led all the way to me writing this. Because in a mirror, blanket that covered me took shape of awesome coat, straight from some fantasy world, making me like a character with badass powers. Those brief moments of sleepy brain fiction ("also 'am bit shortsighted, that may helped (:"), energized me to completely forget about cold in my bones, and storm trough day like true fantasy champion would! It made me realize nature of fantasies, why we all have and love them, and how magic they carry, can help us in never ending fight with reality.
Something had to be done to establish those kinds of connections more often, and so "Fantasy Bathrobes" was born.
Well we covered first word of our company name, it is now time to talk about actual products that we are creating for ya all. Bathrobes of course!!! For a long time we all love them for keeping us worm during cold winter mornings/nights, and comfortable after pleasant summer baths/showers. But, because of their simple design, they lacked any kind of special connection this piece of wardrobe can offer. Such a shame right?
Enough with that!! We are now making bathrobes to be more than special. Designing them in full fantasy costume manner, while keeping the simplicity of putting it on (unlike costumes) and functionality of classical bathrobe. We hope they will provide feeling of awesomeness, and in those private moments when wearing it, charge your mind with fantasies.
Ever since that spoken morning happened to me( Vuko Mihaljevic, nice to meet you), with help of my brother( Luka, also nice to meet you), we are trying our best to share our fantasy with you. We come from small rocky mediterranean country Montenegro, and this is our first business of this sort. For well over a year we were crafting and designing our first product, in hope of achieving really cool look, without loosing any practicality. We worked with top manufacturers to ensure quality, and choosing best 100% natural materials to get most comfortable feeling that you deserve.
You can contact us on email: contact@fantasybathrobes.com               info@fantasybathrobes.com
or on social media where you can like and share our work: facebook.com/fantasybathrobes